Living / Dying

Inspired by the words of Jesus in Mark 8:31-38

Therein the act of living,

A choice we face each day

Will we choose to die to self 

Or self do we obey? 

The answer seems foreboding 

I know what I must choose.

Our Master points the way so clear

We’ve everything to lose. 

Inside our hearts beat vying 

To own our weary souls

Guiding to the darkest lusts

And making spirits dull.

Self worship’s lips stand lying

With words of sin and pride.  

Infected claims of tainted hope 

Now slaughter us inside. 

There’s wholeness in our dying 

When self is thrown away  

When everything we thought we lost

Is gained another way.

The paradox of suff’ring

Where trials have their place

To shape our aching heartbeats

And to point us to His grace. 

Let dying be our living; 

Let Him open up our eyes 

To a world with hope unending

Where His kingdom is our prize. 

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