A poem about, well, people

Once a person helped me, and I tried to help them too

Once a person hurt me, and I knew not what to do

Once a person loved me, and I tried to love them too 

Once a person left me, and cry all I could do 

People have a heartbeat

People can breathe deep 

People inhale softly 

People don’t think when they speak 

Person sitting in the corner

Person in the crowd

Person leaning on my shoulder

Person in the shroud

Laughing woman at the party

Crying children in the dark 

Smiling man on a rollercoaster 

Hurting human in her sleep

Every person made by Jesus 

All made to be loved 

Even those who tore our souls

And those who slit our throats  

Happy people

Yelling people 

Bleeding people 

Caring people 

Let us learn to love the people 

And maybe love us too 

For God so died to save the people 

Counting me and you 

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