Hi everyone! 

I originally started this blog under the title Freedom in Veritas in 2017 as a Sophomore in college. During this phase of life, my purpose was to share along the theme of identity and the identity of freedom in Christ. 

Now, it’s 2020…0r 2021 (I suppose whatever year you read this until I change it again!)

Life’s a bit different now as God has placed me as a new RN into an urban emergency department.

So, this blog’s new focus, under the title Lessons in Veritas, will essentially expound upon the brief moniker found on the sidebar – reflections on the nature of life and humanity, stories (or allegories that tie into this theme), and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You probably won’t see a ton of humor on this blog – but! Never fear. Talk to me in person and you’ll get plenty of that. Here is where I share my heart, my passion, and the most important thing of all…

Lessons in the truth of Christ.

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